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MIR 2012: Recap

My first Mr. International Rubber weekend was quite an experience to remember. I’ve been wanting to attend it ever since I first heard of it many years ago. This year, due to changes to my… Read More »MIR 2012: Recap

MIR 2012: Arrival

After an epic 24 hour trek around the world, I’ve just arrived in Chicago tonight. Feeling tired, dirty and hungry, I made my way straight to the hotel to check in, since it was nearly… Read More »MIR 2012: Arrival

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy (and rubbery) New Year. Be safe this holiday season!


After a disappointing work-related meeting today, I’ve dipped again. Now I have additional things to worry about, job-wise. On the advice of my best online rubber buddy, (yes, you!), I put on my rubber shirt.… Read More »Escapism


This last couple of weeks have proven to be a mental and emotional rollercoaster ride for me. So many things have been going through my head. It all started with that fateful trip to Club80.… Read More »Rollercoasters

A Perfect Day

Sunday started off as a pretty normal, uneventful day. Just relaxing and lazing around the house, going online and chatting with a few buds. Mid-afternoon, I got a PM (private message) from someone (whom I’ll… Read More »A Perfect Day

My Rubber T-shirt

My order from Reactor arrived today! I got the email from them last friday saying they had mailed it out that very afternoon. I was hoping, but not really expecting it to arrive today, but… Read More »My Rubber T-shirt


Last night I took a big step in my self-exploration. I made my first trip to a gay cruising venue here in Melbourne called Club80. Lets rewind back to two days prior, when I got… Read More »Cruising