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Let’s face it, one of the reasons we have profiles on the dating apps and sites is for the dopamine hit of getting that notification that someone ‘cruised’ or ‘swiped’ or messaged us. However, for… Read More »Expectations

MIR 2012: Recap

My first Mr. International Rubber weekend was quite an experience to remember. I’ve been wanting to attend it ever since I first heard of it many years ago. This year, due to changes to my… Read More »MIR 2012: Recap

MIR 2012: Arrival

After an epic 24 hour trek around the world, I’ve just arrived in Chicago tonight. Feeling tired, dirty and hungry, I made my way straight to the hotel to check in, since it was nearly… Read More »MIR 2012: Arrival


So, I’ve let this blog rot and it has been years since the last post back when it was originally hosted on Blogger. I’ve imported all my blog posts from the old site into WordPress… Read More »Revived

Vacuum Packing

A Japanese artist has made a couple of projects titled “Vacuum Packing!” and “Vacuum Packing! Heartbeat“, which as it’s name suggests, involves vacuum packing a person completely in rubber, in suspension. While vac racks/beds are… Read More »Vacuum Packing

The Aneros

Some months back, someone told me about the Aneros and so I looked it up and reading about it intrigued me, so yesterday I went out and bought one. It was rather expensive for a… Read More »The Aneros

Coming Out

3rd August 2005 – The fateful day that I finally spilt the beans. My mom had been visiting and staying with me, and the week before, she had met S at a dinner I had… Read More »Coming Out