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Shopping for Rubber

Earlier this year I decided I just _had_ to get some rubber gear of my own, having drooled over hot guys in rubber long enough. I had been checking out retailers of rubber fetishwear online and off, and was happy to find out that Eagle Leather was right here in Melbourne. They are mainly a leather fetish shop, but supposedly stocks rubberwear as well. I was very intrigued and eventually built up enough guts to make a trip there to see what they have. Even so, I was mingling outside the shop, and pacing up and down the street a few times trying to calm my nerves. I was feeling like a teenager going into a sex shop for the very first time.

Eventually I decided to heck my inhibitions and just walk through the doors, having made it all the way there, I wasn’t about to leave empty handed, or at least without seeing what was inside. Much like this guy’s experience. I was in dizzy euphoria once inside and I was just cruising around the store as casually as I could pretend to be, despite my heart thumping like I was about to have a heart attack. I checked out their leather clothes and accessories before moving to the 2-3 racks of rubber clothes. I think I must have gone through their collection of rubber something like 10 times before I finally decided to ask the store attendant if I could try something on, and I picked out a simple short-sleeve T-shirt. He showed me the changing rooms and reminded me to use the baby powder that was in every cubicle.

My heart was racing as i powdered myself and gingerly pulled the T-shirt on. It wasn’t as skin-tight as i hoped, but then my build is a bit on the skinny side, and don’t have bulging arm and chest muscles to fill it up. I spent a long time in there admiring myself in the mirror, and feeling the rubber with my hands and on my body. I wish I had brought my camera then. After what I supposed was about 10 minutes, I finally decided to take it off, but it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. Not wanting to stretch the rubber unnecessarily, I had to call the attendant to assist, and he just pulled it off and checked for damage.

In the end I didn’t buy that T-shirt because I thought A$200 was a bit much to pay for a T-shirt and I figured I could get the same for much cheaper elsewhere, or spend that money on something better. Still, I had to get something as a memento so I picked out a plain black cock & ball sheath, and a bottle of lube.

My whole trip home was in ecstasy as the rubber t-shirt left a strong latex smell on my body and I kept getting turned on my it. I couldn’t wait to get home and try on my new sheath too. Unfortunately some friends called and invited me for dinner, so i didn’t have time to play with my new sheath. Dinner was in agony and once I got back i stripped and lubed up my cock and the sheath well and proceeded to savour the latex on my hard dick. It felt different from a condom because of the thickness. That combined with the smell of latex still on my body drove me wild and I had blew a huge load.

I’m definitely looking to get more stuff, specifically a plain hood or gas mask, a pair of pouch shorts. a t-shirt (long- or short-sleeve), a surf-suit and of course eventually a full-body catsuit. Any recommendations for a reputable store that produces good quality gear, and doesn’t charge a bomb and-a-half, would be much appreciated.

Keep it rubbered 🙂

5 thoughts on “Shopping for Rubber”

  1. Reactor rubber in Sydney is pretty good. I’ve bought a couple of things from them. A full cat suit, a surf suit and a gas mask hood.

    I just had a look at their site and they are opening a Melbourne store. They are more fashion oriented than they used to be but good anyway.

  2. Yup I know about Reactor, and am eagerly anticipating the opening of their Melbourne store. Their prices are quite OK, but has anybody had any experience with their items? How’s the quality and the make?

    I read somewhere that Reactor supplies catsuits and other rubberwear to many production houses for celebrity publicity photo shoots, and apparently designed and supplied all the rubberwear used in that underground club scene in the Matrix Revolutions! I would’ve loved to be an extra in that scene!

  3. I’ve had no problems with the quality of their stuff. Even the sizing has been ok seeing as it’s been off the rack rather than made to measure. Way better fit that the uk stuff I have.

  4. Reactor is great in AUS. I bought just one item from them so far, but you HAVE to try it — its an inflatable hood with clear plastic eyes. It was only about $100US I think, which is cheap for that sort of item. The quality of the latex and the smell, smoothness was amazing, and the feeling of inflating the hood and having your breathing restricted to just the breathing tube is very intense. A must-try!

    Nice post.

  5. I’ve bought a bunch of stuff from Reactor (even back when they were called Kaysers):

    1. a long sleeve, long leg catsuit, which fitted great, but they’d put a nylon zip in it, which came away from the latex, so it had to be sent back for repair, but then came away again. In the end I got it replaced with a cotton zip locally and it has lasted very well.

    2. an open-face pony tail hood, not a standard item for them, but not a problem for them to produce.

    3. body bag with internal sleeves and attached hood. This has lasted well, apart from one of the sleeves coming a little bit unstuck when I put a bit too much water in there while cleaning it out. My fault, not theirs. I must get around to re-gluing it.

    4. knee high pony hoof boots… these are awesome, but are murder to wear for extended periods

    5. simple pewter and pearlsheen green brief.. very comfy to wear

    6. a year or two ago I was lucky enough to be visitng sydney on business so I went to visit their store and ended up ordering a made-to-measure total coverage back entry catuit with attached feet and hood, but no gloves, in pearlsheen purple. It looks great, but even though they took all of my measurements, it really doesn’t fit as well as I had hoped (my earlier catsuit from them fits much better). The hood is a simple two-panel design, so it ends up with wrinkles along the top of the head. The eye and mouth holes don’t seem to be in the right places, instead they seem to be made for a face much longer than mine. The latex that goes across the bridge of my nose is quite tight and gets quite uncomfortable before long. There seems to be too much latex in the chest panel below where it attaches to the hood, which results in a lot of air being trapped in there. The zip goes down the back, through my crotch and up the front a little, but not quite enough for me to comfortably get my penis out, without the zip pushing down on it. There’s also a staple at the end of the zip to stop it from coming apart (they’ve used a zip tape that is cut to whatever length zip needed), which is not covered by a piece of latex, so it has poked into me on a couple of occassions.

    This suit has pretty much put me off purchasing from them again. I probably should have complained when I first got it and sent it back for adjustment, but procrastinated long enough that it was a bit too late to send back. I expect that my next suit will probably come from somebody like Libidex instead.


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